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Lag Screws For Wall Mounted Brackets

Stainless Steel Lag Screws are most predominantly used for fastening our handrail brackets to a wall into a timber stud. All of our Wall Mounted Handrail Brackets available online with concealed fixing (Lag Screw) take a M8 Lag Screw. These Lag screws are installed into timber by drilling a pilot hole then driving in Lag Screw. This can be done by locking two nuts off onto metal thread section of lag screw, or by using a lag screw insertion tool.

One side has a timber thread while the other has a metal thread. When fitting a handrail bracket to a wall using a lag screw, the timber threaded section is first screwed into timber stud then the handrail bracket is threaded onto the metal threaded section that is left exposed.

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SS-LS-M05 M5 Lag Screw
Length: 70mm | Size: M5
SS-LS-M06 M6 Lag Screw
Length: 80mm | Size: M6
SS-LS-M08 M8 Lag Screw
Size: M8 | Length: 90mm
SS-LS-M08SHORT M8 Short Lag Screw
Size: M8 | Length: 52mm
SS-LS-M08MED M8 Medium Lag Screw
Size: M8 | Length: 65mm
SS-LS-M10 M10 Lag Screw
Length: 110mm | Size: M10
SS-LS-M12 M12 Lag Screw
Length: 160mm | Size: M12

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